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Our silk-soft fabrics eliminate bacteria to keep your sheets and towels clean—always.

Our bacteria-proof tech:

Woven Silver

Our fabrics are woven with silver-coated threads that naturally resist bacterial growth. We use pure silver because we don’t believe in harsh chemical treatments.

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1. The Science

Silver carries a naturally positive charge and bacteria carries a negative charge. These opposing charges are what makes silver and bacteria attracted to each other. Silver then breaks bacteria’s cell wall and destroys it before it has a chance to reproduce. And since we weave our silver directly into our fabric, its natural antimicrobial properties never lose potency.

2. Tested and proven

We take testing seriously. Our technology has been verified by more than a decade of testing at research institutions including Pennsylvania State University and Cornell University. Silvon is tested in accordance with the highest antimicrobial standards (ASTM E2149) and multiple independent studies have also shown a 99% reduction in acne-causing bacteria. (Fun fact: NASA also uses this technology in some of their space suits!)

And if the antimicrobial properties aren’t enough, you can rest assured that all of our Materials and partners are Fair Trade Certified and have earned the STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®—which means they support human ecology through bio-compatibility and the absence of harmful substances in the manufacturing process.

Organic Cotton

We only use sustainably grown and responsibly sourced, organic cotton. We spent years sourcing the softest, most durable cotton that’s made to last.

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Cotton is better:

Unlike synthetics, our lightweight organic cotton allows your pores to breathe.


All manufacturers are Oeko-Tex® certified free of harmful chemicals.