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Sleeping with your cat just got better.

There's nothing better than cuddling up with your pet. But, our pets can bring a whole world of bacteria into our beds that can affect your health. But don't panic. Silvon sheets are here to help.

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Sleep with your furry friend?

Silvon sheets naturally eliminate a wide range of bacteria – leaving you with clean & healthy sheets no matter who you share the bed with.

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Astonishingly soft.

We take comfort seriously. Woven with Long staple organic cotton, our sheets are silk soft to the touch with a light, breathable weave. They feel soft right out of the box, and only get more comfortable with every wash.

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Backed by real science.

Our fabric naturally eliminates a wide range of bacteria. It's tested, It works, it's effective.Our technology has been verified by more than a decade of testing at research institutions including Pennsylvania State University and Cornell University.

Silvon is tested in accordance with the highest antimicrobial standards (ASTM E2149). (Fun fact: NASA also uses this technology in some of their space suits!)

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