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The pillowcase designed for better skin.

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Better for you and your skin.

Traditional pillowcases absorb bacteria from your face, only to transfer it right back onto your skin. Worst of all: they can contribute breakouts. Until now.

The Silvon Cleancase™ resists bacteria and microbes and naturally soothes skin.

  • How will Silvon help my skin?

    Traditional pillowcases collect dirt, oil, and bacteria that can cause your skin to freak out. Our pure silver fibers are proven to eliminate 99% of acne-causing bacteria. Plus, they’re made with 100% organic cotton to soothe your skin.

  • What is the fabric made of?

    Silvon fabrics are made with Pure silver-coated fibers and 100% organic cotton.

  • How do i wash it?

    Silvon is completely machine washable. Just avoid bleach, wash them in warm water and tumble dry them on low for best results.

  • How does Silvon work?

    Silver carries a naturally positive charge and bacteria carries a naturally negative charge. These opposing charges are what makes silver and bacteria attracted to each other. Silver then breaks bacteria’s cell wall and destroys it before it has a chance to reproduce. We’d love to say we’re the first to use this silver technology, but do a quick google or wiki search and you’ll see that it’s actually been used since the beginning of modern medicine.

  • How long does it last?

    Because silver is woven directly into our fabric, it will never wash away or degrade in strength. Our fabrics are put through rigorous wash tests to ensure they’ll last the lifetime of the product.

Essential to your skincare routine

Over time, traditional pillowcases collect bacteria and microbes that get transferred to your skin. Silvon provides a clean, comfortable surface to soothe your skin to sleep. Third-party lab tests exhibited 99.7% reduction of acne-causing bacteria. (P.acnes)

Silvon controls bacterial growth on the fabric surface.

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All natural materials

Our fine threads are coated with 99% pure natural silver and woven with organic cotton. comfortable surface to soothe your skin.

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