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A silver-infused pillowcase for clearer, healthier skin

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Our Technology

Thanks to tiny, silver-coated fibers, our sheets prevent bacterial growth directly linked to skin conditions*

How does it work?

Silver is naturally positively charged which attracts, kills and prevents bacteria from forming.

How do they feel?

We've paired our technology with long-staple organic cotton for the perfect balance of softness and breathability.

Why Silvon?

Similar products use harsh chemical treatments. We use the real thing – 99% pure natural silver.

The Benefits

Bacteria-free sheets can help with blemish-prone skin, plus our fabrics are made with natural materials so your pores can breathe.

Tested and Proven

Our fabrics are clinically tested and proven to reduce bacteria linked to skin conditions like P. acnes by 99.9%*

Under the microscope

Silvons technology works at the molecular level to eliminate a wide range of harmful microbes. We perform extensive testing with leading microbiology labs across the US.



Silvon fabric is exposed to a concentration of Propionibacterium acnes.



Silvon immediately goes to work targeting and destroying the bacteria cells.



99.97% of the Propionibacterium acnes on the fabric surface has been eliminated.

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