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Bath Towel

392 reviews

A towel designed with your skin in mind.

The skincare essential you never think about. Woven with pure silver to naturally eliminate acne-causing bacteria and keep the bad stuff that causes flare-ups and breakouts away from your skin. Towel set includes: 1 bath towel, 1 hand towel, and 1 face towel

392 reviews 93% long-staple organic cotton and 7% XT2 Silver Yarn. Cotton from California, and Silver yarn made in the USA . Spun, woven, and sewn in India. All manufacturing partners are Oeko-Tex® certified. Better for you & your skin
Exceptionally soft
Organic cotton + natural silver
Try Silvon for 30 nights. If you don't love it we'll give you a full refund. Free shipping and returns on every order. Bath Towel

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  • How does antimicrobial silver work?

    Silver carries a naturally positive charge and bacteria carries a naturally negative charge. These opposing charges are what makes silver and bacteria attracted to each other. Silver then breaks bacteria’s cell wall and destroys it before it has a chance to reproduce. We’d love to say we’re the first to use this silver technology, but do a quick google or wiki search and you’ll see that it’s actually been used since the beginning of modern medicine.

  • What is included in the towel set? 

    1 bath towel, 1 hand towel, and 1 face towel

  • How do I wash my Silvon towel?

    All Silvon products are completely machine washable. Just avoid bleach, wash them in cold water and tumble dry them on low for best results.


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