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Silvon® Pillowcase

The Silvon pillowcase obviously covers your pillow. The cue is in the name. But did you know it will level up your skincare routine, too? Proven to reduce acne-causing bacteria by 99.97%, our pillowcase ensures your clean, product-laden face has a clean surface to rest on, too.


4763 reviews 93% Supima® cotton and 7% XT2 Silver Yarn. Cotton from California, and Silver yarn made in the USA . Spun, woven, and sewn in India. All manufacturing partners are Oeko-Tex® certified. Dermatologist recommended
Woven with antimicrobial silver
Made with Supima® cotton
Try Silvon for 30 nights. If you don't love it we'll give you a full refund. Free shipping and returns on every order. Pillowcase

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  • How does antimicrobial silver work?

    Silver carries a naturally positive charge and bacteria carries a naturally negative charge. These opposing charges are what makes silver and bacteria attracted to each other. Silver then breaks bacteria’s cell wall and destroys it before it has a chance to reproduce. We’d love to say we’re the first to use this silver technology, but do a quick google or wiki search and you’ll see that it’s actually been used since the beginning of modern medicine.

  • How can Silvon help with acne?

    Sheets collect dirt, oil, and bacteria that can cause your skin to freak out. Our pure silver fibers are proven to eliminate 99% of acne-causing bacteria. Plus, they’re made with 100% Supima® cotton so your pores can breathe.

  • How long does it last?

    Because silver is woven directly into our fabric, it will never wash away or degrade in strength. Our fabrics are put through rigorous wash tests to ensure they’ll last the lifetime of the product.

  • How do I wash it?

    All Silvon products are completely machine washable. Just avoid bleach, wash them in warm water and tumble dry them on low for best results.


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