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TRAY Light

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This innovative, made to order light is designed to become the center of your rituals. TRAY features a small tray perched atop a warm glow — the perfect place for you essentials as you ease into bed. The soft light and smooth dimmer help you wind down naturally for better sleep.

A remarkable fabric that's incredibly soft, and always fresh. Learn More.

Asset 1

Luxurious Comfort

We use premium long-staple organic cotton and a luxurious sateen weave for the perfect balance of softness and breathability.

Health & Wellbeing

Naturally antimicrobial silver fibers woven directly into our fabrics prevent the growth of harmful bacteria, and allergens.

Holistic Skincare

Sheets collect oil and bacteria that can cause your skin to freak out. Silvon fabrics are clinically proven to eliminate 99% of P. acnes bacteria.

What makes Silvon different?
Our patent-pending design weaves organic cotton with silver fibers for the cleanest, most comfortable sleep.
Organic Cotton
  • Asset 1 Soft and durable

  • Asset 1 USDA Organic Certified

  • Asset 1 300 Thread Count

Pure Silver
  • Asset 1 Eliminates Bacteria

  • Asset 1 Silk soft micro fibers

  • Asset 1 Permanent protection

Engineered For Softness

We've paired our technology with long-staple organic cotton
for the perfect balance of softness, breathability, and strength.


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